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    Naruto Shippuden Episode 96

    Naruto Shippuden Episode 96: The Unseeing Enemy

    Naruto Shippuden Episode 96: The Unseeing Enemy

    In this episode of Naruto Shippuden, Team Kakashi and Team Guren clash in the forest, where they encounter a mysterious enemy that can evade their senses. Naruto, meanwhile, is dragged away from his training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu by Sakura, who tells him that Team Yamato is waiting for him to depart.

    The episode begins with Naruto practicing his new jutsu with the two toads, but he is interrupted by Sakura, who scolds him for being late. She tells him that they have to go and provide backup for Team Kakashi, who is facing Team Guren. Naruto reluctantly agrees and follows her.

    In the forest, Hinata uses her Byakugan to locate four chakra signatures in front of them, and quickly notices one from behind them. She warns the others as Gozu attacks from behind, using a partial multi-size technique to slam a giant fist towards Kakashi, who manages to block it. As Kakashi and Gozu whisk throughout the trees continuing their battle, Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru are left to face the likes of Rinji, Kihō, Nurari and Kigiri.

    Not wanting to deal with Kigiri due to the mask on his face, Kiba has Akamaru transform into him as he attempts to hit Nurari with his Fang Passing Fang. Nurari is able to evade the technique as Kigiri uses his Destroying Smell Smoke Prison to create a thick smokescreen to rob Kiba and Akamaru of their sense of sight and smell. Nurari attempts to finish the blinded Kiba off, but he is saved by Hinata, who tells Kiba to deal with the others as she deals with Nurari.

    Nurari is shocked when he realises that Hinata can see him, but is reassured when Hinata’s Gentle Fist attacks are unable to harm him. He reveals that he can alter his body at will, making him immune to physical attacks. In the meantime, Kakashi continues to fight against Gozu. Using a shadow clone to trick Gozu, Kakashi believes he has the upper hand, but Gozu is able to move at enhanced speed to elude the real Kakashi and proceeds to sneak up behind him and kick him with enough force to destroy a tree.

    Pushed to his limit, Kakashi is forced to use his Sharingan and manages to evade one of Gozu’s attacks. He prepares a Lightning Cutter but finds himself unable to pinpoint an opening. Using his Slime Suit, Nurari is able to avoid being stuck directly by Hinata’s Gentle Fist and he proceeds to attack her. Before she can be finished off, she is saved by Kiba and Akamaru, who uses their Fang Passing Fang through the air and trees to create a windstorm to dispel the smokescreen.

    With his sense of smell and sight restored, Kiba proudly exclaims that he would be able to handle Nurari before being struck by poison gas emitted from Kihō’s Wrist Launcher. Kiba berates himself for being stupid enough to forget that there are other enemies, but before Team Guren can finish the three off, Rinji senses something surrounding them.

    He orders his team to retreat as they are surrounded by a large number of ANBU Black Ops. The ANBU reveal themselves as Yamato’s wood clones and attack Team Guren. However, they are surprised when they find out that their targets have disappeared without a trace. Yamato then contacts Kakashi via his earpiece and tells him that Team Guren has escaped.

    Kakashi wonders how they managed to do that as he notices that Gozu has also vanished. He then regroups with Hinata and Kiba, who are recovering from their injuries. He asks them if they have any clues about their enemy’s abilities, but they admit that they have none. Kakashi concludes that they are dealing with an unseeing enemy that can hide their presence from both sight and smell.

    The episode ends with Naruto arriving at the rendezvous point with Sakura and meeting up with Yamato and Sai. Yamato tells Naruto that they have a new mission: to capture one of Orochimaru’s subordinates and find out

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