Nisekoi Episode 1: The Promise

    Nisekoi Episode 1: The Promise

    Nisekoi is a romantic comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name by Naoshi Komi. The first episode of the first season aired on January 11, 2014. It introduces the main characters and the premise of the story.

    The episode begins with a flashback of a young boy and a girl who make a promise to each other. They exchange a pendant and a key, and vow to get married when they reunite in the future. The boy’s name is Raku Ichijo, and he is the son of a yakuza boss. The girl’s name is unknown.

    In the present day, Raku is a high school student who wants to live a normal life. He has a crush on his classmate Kosaki Onodera, a sweet and shy girl who likes him back. However, their relationship is complicated by the arrival of Chitoge Kirisaki, a new transfer student who is the daughter of a rival gang leader. Chitoge accidentally knees Raku in the face on their first encounter, and they instantly hate each other.

    To prevent a war between their families, Raku and Chitoge are forced to pretend to be lovers. They have to act like a couple in front of their classmates and their gang members, even though they can’t stand each other. Raku also has to hide his pendant from Chitoge, as it is the only clue to his childhood promise.

    The episode ends with Raku and Chitoge arguing about their fake relationship, while Kosaki watches them with sadness and jealousy.

    The first episode of Nisekoi also introduces some of the supporting characters, such as Raku’s best friend Shu Maiko, a perverted and witty boy who knows about Raku’s crush on Kosaki; Chitoge’s bodyguard Seishiro Tsugumi, a skilled assassin who disguises as a boy and is loyal to Chitoge; and Ruri Miyamoto, Kosaki’s best friend and a smart and sarcastic girl who tries to help Kosaki confess to Raku.

    The episode also sets up some of the recurring themes and gags of the series, such as Raku’s pendant and its mysterious key holder; Chitoge’s violent and tsundere personality; Kosaki’s cute and clumsy mannerisms; Raku and Chitoge’s constant bickering and occasional moments of understanding; and the various misunderstandings and obstacles that prevent Raku and Kosaki from expressing their true feelings.

    Nisekoi Episode 1 is a fun and entertaining introduction to the series, with colorful animation, lively music, and humorous dialogue. It also establishes the main conflict and mystery of the story, as well as the potential love triangle between Raku, Chitoge, and Kosaki. The episode leaves the viewers wondering who is the girl that Raku made a promise with ten years ago, and how will he find out the truth.

    To conclude, Nisekoi Episode 1 is a great start to the anime series, as it introduces the main characters and the plot in an engaging and humorous way. The episode also leaves some questions and mysteries for the viewers to look forward to in the next episodes. Nisekoi Episode 1 is a must-watch for fans of romantic comedy anime, as well as for those who enjoy a good mix of action, drama, and comedy.

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