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    Ovhi Firsty – TALAMBEK DATANG [Official Music Video] Lagu Minang Terbaru 2020

    Ovhi Firsty’s New Song “TALAMBEK DATANG” is a Hit Among Minang Music Lovers

    Ovhi Firsty's New Song

    Ovhi Firsty, a popular singer of Minang music, has released a new song titled “TALAMBEK DATANG” on YouTube. The song, which was written by Rozac Tanjung and produced by Elta Record, has gained more than 19 million views and 67 thousand likes since it was uploaded two years ago.

    “TALAMBEK DATANG” is a song about a woman who waits for her lover to come back from working abroad, but he never fulfills his promise. She feels betrayed and decides to move on with her life. The song expresses the emotions of sadness, anger and disappointment that many people can relate to.

    Ovhi Firsty is known for her powerful voice and expressive performance. She has been singing since she was a child and has won several awards and competitions. She has also collaborated with other Minang singers such as Harry Parintang, Andra Respati and Ipank. Some of her popular songs include “Barulang Seso”, “Gamang Jatuah Cinto” and “Saba Dalam Panantian”.

    Minang music is a genre of music that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is characterized by its use of traditional instruments such as talempong (gongs), saluang (flute) and rabab (fiddle), as well as its distinctive melodies and lyrics that reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau people.

    If you want to listen to Ovhi Firsty’s new song “TALAMBEK DATANG” or other Minang songs, you can visit Elta Record’s YouTube channel or follow their Instagram account. You can also activate the RBT service for Telkomsel users by sending a text message with the code ROZGX, ROZHC, ROZHH or ROZHM to 1212.

    Ovhi Firsty’s fans have expressed their admiration and support for her new song “TALAMBEK DATANG” in the comments section of the YouTube video. Some of them praised her voice and the quality of the song, while others shared their own stories of love and betrayal. Some of the comments are:

    • “This song is so touching and sad. I can feel the pain of the woman who waits for her lover. Ovhi Firsty, you are amazing!”
    • “I dedicate this song to my ex-husband who left me for another woman. I hope he regrets what he did to me and our children.”
    • “Ovhi Firsty is the queen of Minang music. She always delivers the best songs with the best lyrics and music. I love her so much!”
    • “This song reminds me of my boyfriend who works in Malaysia. He promised to come back to me soon, but I haven’t heard from him for a long time. I miss him so much.”
    • “This song is a masterpiece. The melody, the lyrics, the voice, everything is perfect. Ovhi Firsty, you are a legend!”

    Ovhi Firsty has also thanked her fans for their positive feedback and appreciation for her new song “TALAMBEK DATANG”. She said that she was happy to see that her song could touch many people’s hearts and inspire them to be strong and resilient. She also said that she hoped to release more songs in the future that would showcase her talent and passion for Minang music.

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