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    Phasmophobia v0.8.1.3: New Features and Bug Fixes

    Phasmophobia v0.8.1.3: New Features and Bug Fixes

    Phasmophobia, the popular co-op horror game where you and your friends investigate paranormal activity, has just released a new update with version This update brings some new features and bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience and make it more immersive and realistic.

    Some of the new features include:

    • A new ghost type: The Yokai. This ghost can only hear voices close to it when hunting, but talking near it will anger it and increase its chance of attacking.
    • A new map: The Willow Street House. This is a small suburban house with a basement and an attic. It has a high amount of paranormal activity and is suitable for beginners.
    • A new difficulty option: Nightmare Mode. This mode is only available for professional contracts and makes the game much harder by adding more random factors and reducing the amount of information available to the players.

    Some of the bug fixes include:

    • Fixed a bug where the ghost could walk through doors and walls.
    • Fixed a bug where the Ouija board could spawn outside the map.
    • Fixed a bug where the thermometer could show incorrect temperatures.
    • Fixed a bug where the spirit box could respond to questions that were not asked.

    If you are a fan of Phasmophobia, you should definitely check out this update and see what new scares await you. You can download the update from Steam or from the official website.

    Phasmophobia v0.8.1.3 also introduces some changes to the gameplay mechanics and the user interface. Some of these changes are:

    • The ghost can now open and close doors and windows, making it harder to hide from it.
    • The ghost can now throw objects at the players, causing them to lose sanity and potentially get injured.
    • The ghost can now interact with more objects in the environment, such as turning on radios, TVs, computers, etc.
    • The ghost can now use its abilities more frequently and randomly, such as turning off the power, locking doors, setting off car alarms, etc.
    • The players can now use a new item: The Parabolic Microphone. This item can detect sound sources from a distance and help locate the ghost’s room.
    • The players can now see their sanity level and the activity level on their wristwatch, making it easier to monitor their status.
    • The players can now see the ghost’s name and its preferred evidence on their journal, making it easier to identify the ghost type.

    These changes make Phasmophobia v0.8.1.3 more challenging and realistic, as well as more fun and varied. The developers have also announced that they are working on more updates and content for the future, such as new maps, new ghosts, new items, new modes, etc.

    Phasmophobia is one of the most popular and successful indie games of 2020 and 2021, with over 6 million copies sold and over 100,000 positive reviews on Steam. It has also won several awards and nominations, such as the Best Debut Game at The Game Awards 2020 and the Best Multiplayer Game at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

    If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive co-op horror game to play with your friends, you should definitely give Phasmophobia a try. You can find more information about the game and the latest updates on its official website or on its Steam page.

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