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    Raef Ramadan Is Here

    Raef – Ramadan Is Here: A Song of Joy and Gratitude

    Raef - Ramadan Is Here: A Song of Joy and Gratitude

    Raef is an American singer-songwriter who creates music for the Muslim and faith-based communities around the world. His song “Ramadan Is Here” is a celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, which is observed by Muslims as a time of fasting, prayer, charity and spiritual growth.

    The song was released in 2017 as part of his album “Mercy”, which features songs inspired by his personal journey of faith and his appreciation for God’s mercy. The song has a upbeat and cheerful melody that reflects the joy and gratitude that Muslims feel during Ramadan. The lyrics also convey the importance of seeking forgiveness, guidance and paradise from Allah.

    Some of the lyrics are:

    With hope in our eyes, we search through the skies
    Waiting for our old friend
    With loved ones nearby and our spirits high
    A blessed time we’ll spend
    In both love and in fear to Allah we draw near
    Hands raised to the sky
    O Allah, please forgive us
    And guide us to Paradise

    The song also mentions some of the practices and rituals that Muslims perform during Ramadan, such as reciting the Quran, which was revealed on the Night of Power, and fasting for the sake of Allah. The chorus repeats the phrase “Ramadan is here”, emphasizing the excitement and anticipation that Muslims feel for this special month.

    The song has been well-received by listeners and has over 1.8 million views on YouTube. It is one of the many songs that Raef has created to inspire and uplift Muslims and people of faith around the world.

    Raef: A Singer with a Mission

    Raef Haggag, better known by his stage name Raef, is not just a singer, but also a teacher, a software developer and a humanitarian. He was born to Egyptian parents in Washington DC on August 8, 1982, and grew up in Maryland, where he enjoyed fishing, kayaking and camping . He studied computer science at the University of Maryland and sang tenor in a comedic a cappella group. He then worked as a security software developer for the New York Stock Exchange before becoming a high school teacher from 2005 to 2013 .

    Raef’s passion for music and faith led him to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter, inspired by artists like Bob Marley, Cat Stevens and Sami Yusuf. He started uploading covers of popular songs with Islamic themes on YouTube, which gained him a fan base and attracted the attention of Awakening Records, a leading label for Islamic music. He signed with them in 2014 and released his debut album “The Path”, which featured collaborations with Maher Zain, Hamza Namira and Mesut Kurtis . His songs are influenced by rock, pop, folk and soul genres, and convey messages of hope, love and mercy.

    Raef’s mission is to inspire and uplift Muslims and people of faith around the world with his music. He also uses his platform to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes, such as supporting refugees, orphans and the poor. He has performed at various events and festivals across the globe, such as the International Festival of Muslim Cultures in London, the MuslimFest in Canada, the Sound of Light in Indonesia and the Celebrate Mercy in the US. He is currently working on his second album, which is expected to be released soon.

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