Raft Update 13.01: What’s New and How to Use It

    Raft is a survival game where you build and expand your raft on the ocean, while avoiding sharks, gathering resources, and exploring islands. The game is constantly updated with new features and improvements, and the latest one is Update 13.01, which was released on June 24, 2021.

    Update 13.01 is a hotfix update that fixes some bugs and adds some new gameplay options for building your raft. Here are some of the main changes and how to use them:

    • Building blocks can now be replaced for a different material: You can now use the building hammer to change the material of your building blocks, such as wood, solid wood, or thatch. This is useful if you want to upgrade or change the look of your raft without having to demolish and rebuild everything.
    • Half window block now has a cost instead of being free to build: This is a balance change that makes the half window block cost the same as a regular window block. This prevents players from spamming half windows for free and blocking shark attacks.
    • Slanted solid wood ceilings adjusted to no longer clip through above floors: This is a visual improvement that prevents the slanted solid wood ceilings from overlapping with the floors above them. This makes your raft look more realistic and neat.
    • Removing a table with a storage on it now returns the items in the storage as well: This is a convenience change that prevents you from losing items when you remove a table with a storage on it. Now, you will get back both the table and the storage, along with the items inside.
    • Diagonal slanted ceilings can now be rotated in 90 degree increments instead of 180: This is another visual improvement that gives you more flexibility in placing your diagonal slanted ceilings. You can now rotate them in four different directions instead of just two.

    These are some of the main changes in Update 13.01 for Raft. You can read more about them and other bug fixes on the official Raft Wiki or on the Steam News page . If you enjoy playing Raft, make sure to update your game and try out these new features!

    Update 13.01 is not the only update that Raft has received recently. The game also had a major update in May 2021, called Update 13: The Renovation Update. This update added a lot of new content and features to the game, such as:

    • New islands and biomes: You can now explore new types of islands, such as the tropical island, the bamboo island, and the mangrove island. Each island has its own unique resources, animals, and secrets to discover. You can also find new biomes in the ocean, such as the coral reef and the kelp forest.
    • New building parts and decorations: You can now customize your raft with more than 60 new building parts and decorations, such as walls, windows, doors, roofs, furniture, plants, and more. You can also paint your raft with different colors and patterns to make it stand out.
    • New enemies and challenges: You can now encounter new enemies and dangers on your journey, such as the pufferfish, the warthog, the screecher, and the lurker. You will also have to deal with new environmental hazards, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and volcanoes.
    • New items and recipes: You can now craft and use new items and recipes to help you survive and thrive on your raft. Some of the new items include the zipline tool, the metal detector, the backpack, the headlight, and more. Some of the new recipes include sushi, fruit salad, coconut chicken, and more.

    Update 13: The Renovation Update was a huge update that added a lot of content and variety to Raft. You can read more about it on the official Raft Wiki or on the Steam News page. If you haven’t played Raft in a while, now is a great time to jump back in and see what’s new!

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