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    RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721

    RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721: A Unique Mod for GTA San Andreas

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most popular and influential games of all time. Released in 2004, it is an open-world action-adventure game that allows you to explore a fictional version of California and Nevada in the early 1990s. You can drive, shoot, fight, steal, and do various missions as you follow the story of Carl Johnson, a former gangster who returns to his hometown after his mother’s death.

    One of the reasons why GTA San Andreas is still played and loved by millions of fans around the world is the availability of mods. Mods are modifications or additions to the game that change or enhance its features, graphics, gameplay, or content. Mods can range from simple tweaks to complete overhauls that transform the game into something new and different.

    One such mod is RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721, created by Indian modder LIPtoH. This mod adds a touch of Rajasthani culture and traffic to GTA San Andreas, making it more colorful, diverse, and realistic. RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721 replaces some of the original vehicles, skins, and sounds in the game with new ones based on the vehicles, people, and music of Rajasthan, a state in northwestern India known for its rich heritage, art, and cuisine.

    Features of RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721

    RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721 is not just a cosmetic mod that changes the appearance of the game. It also improves the traffic density and realism in GTA San Andreas, making it more challenging and fun to drive around the city and countryside. Here are some of the main features of this mod:

    • New vehicles: The mod adds more than 50 new vehicles to GTA San Andreas, including cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles, carts, camels, elephants, horses, and more. These vehicles are based on the real-life vehicles used in Rajasthan, such as Maruti Suzuki Alto, Tata Indica, Mahindra Bolero, Ashok Leyland Bus, Bajaj Pulsar, Hero Splendor, Piaggio Ape Auto Rickshaw, Hero Jet Bicycle, Camel Cart, Elephant Ride, Horse Cart, etc.
    • New skins: The mod also adds new skins for some of the pedestrians and drivers in GTA San Andreas, making them look more like Rajasthani people. These skins include men wearing turbans or caps, women wearing sarees or lehengas, children wearing colorful clothes or school uniforms, etc.
    • New sounds: The mod also replaces some of the original sounds in GTA San Andreas with new ones based on Rajasthani music and traffic noises. These sounds include horn sounds for different vehicles (such as car horn, bus horn, truck horn, rickshaw horn), engine sounds for different vehicles (such as car engine sound), music sounds for some vehicles (such as radio music sound), ambient sounds for different areas (such as city sound), etc.
    • – Compatible with other mods and GTA: United: The mod is compatible with most of the other popular mods for GTA San Andreas, such as CLEO, ENB, SAMP, etc. It does not conflict with them or cause any errors or crashes. The mod is also compatible with GTA: United, a mod that replaces the map of GTA San Andreas with the maps of GTA III and GTA Vice City. You can enjoy RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721 in both San Andreas and United maps.

    How to install RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721

    Installing RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721 is easy and simple. You just need to follow these steps:

    1. Requirements and recommendations: Before installing the mod, make sure you have the following requirements and recommendations:
      • A clean and updated version of GTA San Andreas (version 1.0 or 1.01) installed on your PC.
      • A mod installer tool, such as Mod Loader, IMG Tool, or Alci’s IMG Editor.
      • A backup of your original GTA San Andreas files, in case something goes wrong or you want to uninstall the mod.
      • A good PC configuration that can handle the increased traffic density and graphics of the mod.
    2. Download link and instructions: You can download RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721 from the official website of the mod creator, LIPtoH. The download file is a ZIP archive that contains two folders: RTM and RTM-United. RTM is for the normal GTA San Andreas map, and RTM-United is for the GTA: United map. Choose the folder according to your preference and extract it to a location of your choice. Then, open the folder and follow the instructions in the README file to install the mod using your mod installer tool.
    3. Backup and uninstallation: Before installing the mod, it is highly recommended that you make a backup of your original GTA San Andreas files, especially the gta3.img file, which contains most of the game data. You can use your mod installer tool to make a backup of this file and restore it later if needed. To uninstall the mod, you can either delete the files that you added to your GTA San Andreas folder during installation, or use your mod installer tool to remove them.

    How to enjoy RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721

    Once you have installed RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721, you can start enjoying it right away. Here are some tips and tricks to explore the mod:

    • Tips and tricks to explore the mod: The mod adds a lot of new vehicles, skins, and sounds to GTA San Andreas, so you can have fun discovering them all. You can find them in different locations, such as parking lots, roads, highways, bridges, airports, etc. You can also spawn them using cheats or trainers, such as Simple Native Trainer or Crazy Trainer. Some of the vehicles have special features or functions, such as music players, horns, lights, etc., that you can activate using keys or buttons on your keyboard or controller.
    • Screenshots and videos of the mod in action: If you want to see how the mod looks like in action, you can check out some screenshots and videos of the mod on the official website of LIPtoH, or on YouTube. You can also take your own screenshots and videos using tools such as Fraps or Bandicam, and share them with other fans of the mod on social media or forums.
    • Feedback and support from the mod creator and community: If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or issues regarding RajasthaniTrafficMod 3.6.1 V4 200721, you can contact LIPtoH through his website, email, or Facebook page. You can also join his Discord server to chat with him and other users of the mod. LIPtoH is very friendly and helpful, and he always welcomes feedback and support from his fans.
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