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    Review: Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 – A Classic Rhodes Sound in a Modern Plugin

    Review: Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 – A Classic Rhodes Sound in a Modern Plugin

    Review: Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 - A Classic Rhodes Sound in a Modern Plugin

    If you are looking for a realistic and versatile electric piano plugin that can recreate the iconic sound of the Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano, you might want to check out Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 by Adam Monroe Music. This plugin is based on a meticulous sampling of a 1976 Rhodes piano, recorded both DI and through a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. The result is a rich and warm sound that can be shaped with various effects and settings.

    Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 is available for Windows and Mac, in VST, AU and AAX formats. It requires Kontakt 5 or higher to run, but it also works as a standalone plugin without Kontakt. The plugin features 10 velocity layers, 3 note round-robin, DI and amped samples, built-in reverb, distortion, tremolo, delay, phaser, chorus and wah effects, as well as 6 amplifier simulations, 43 convolution reverbs, 30 cabinet impulses, 28 speaker EQ curves and 70 presets.

    The plugin has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you adjust the volume and pan of the DI and amp channels, as well as the tone and release of the piano. You can also switch between different effects tabs to tweak the parameters of each effect. The plugin also has a smooth knob that reduces the harshness of the digital distortion, and a velocity curve knob that adjusts the sensitivity of the keyboard.

    The sound of Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 is very authentic and expressive. You can hear the subtle nuances of the tines, the mechanical noise of the keys and pedals, and the natural resonance of the piano body. The DI samples are clean and full-bodied, while the amp samples have a slight crunch and character. You can blend them together to achieve your desired balance of warmth and bite.

    The plugin also offers a lot of flexibility to sculpt your sound with various effects. You can add some reverb to create a spacious ambience, some distortion to add some grit and edge, some tremolo to create a vintage vibe, some delay to create some depth and movement, some phaser to create some modulation and swirl, some chorus to create some width and shimmer, or some wah to create some funkiness and expression.

    The plugin also comes with a variety of presets that showcase the different possibilities of the plugin. You can find presets inspired by famous Rhodes players and songs, such as Billy Joel’s Just The Way You Are, Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, Herbie Hancock’s Chameleon, Ray Charles’ What’d I Say, or Chick Corea’s Spain. You can also find presets that explore different genres and styles, such as jazz, blues, rock, pop, soul, funk or ambient.

    Overall, Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 is a great plugin for anyone who loves the sound of the Rhodes piano. It is easy to use, versatile and realistic. It can fit in any musical context and genre. It is also very affordable compared to other electric piano plugins on the market. If you are looking for a classic Rhodes sound in a modern plugin, you should definitely give Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.0 a try.

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