Meet Sabrina Ricci, the Author Who Loves Dinosaurs

    Meet Sabrina Ricci, the Author Who Loves Dinosaurs

    Sabrina Ricci is a writer, dinosaur enthusiast, and lifelong learner. She has written several books and articles about dinosaurs, including Top 10 Dinosaurs of 2014, 50 Dinosaur Tales, and How I Met Your Media: The Websites, Books and Other Content That Entrenched How I Met Your Mother in Pop Culture. She also co-hosts a podcast called I Know Dino, where she interviews paleontologists and other dinosaur experts.

    Sabrina started her career in the publishing industry, working as an ebook developer at Simon & Schuster. She then decided to pursue her passion for writing and self-publishing, using crowd-funding and agile publishing methods to launch her books. She also has a blog where she shares her insights and tips on writing, publishing, and marketing.

    Sabrina loves sauropods, her husband, and making things. She is always curious and eager to learn new things, especially about dinosaurs. She has a website where you can find out more about her books, podcast, and blog: You can also follow her on social media platforms such as Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook.

    In this article, we will explore some of the aspects of Sabrina’s work and life, such as:

    • How she became interested in dinosaurs and what inspired her to write about them.
    • How she researches and verifies the information she uses in her books and podcast.
    • How she balances her writing, podcasting, and other projects.
    • How she interacts with her readers and listeners and what feedback she receives from them.
    • How she deals with the challenges and opportunities of self-publishing and marketing.
    • What are her goals and aspirations as a writer and a dinosaur lover.

    We hope you enjoy this interview with Sabrina Ricci, the author who loves dinosaurs.

    How she became interested in dinosaurs and what inspired her to write about them

    Sabrina has always been fascinated by dinosaurs since she was a child. She remembers watching Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time and being amazed by the creatures on the screen. She also loved reading books and magazines about dinosaurs and learning new facts and discoveries.

    She says that writing about dinosaurs was a natural extension of her interest and passion. She wanted to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others, especially children who might be curious and eager to learn more about these ancient animals. She also wanted to challenge herself as a writer and explore different genres and formats.

    She says that one of the things that inspired her to write about dinosaurs was the rapid pace of new discoveries and research in paleontology. She says that there is always something new and exciting to learn and write about, and that the field is constantly evolving and expanding. She says that she tries to keep up with the latest news and updates, and that she often incorporates them into her books and podcast.

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