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    Sniper Elite VR: A Stealth-Action Shooter with Authentic WW2 Weaponry

    Sniper Elite VR is a first-person shooter game that lets you experience the thrill of sniping in World War 2. You play as an Italian veteran who joins the Resistance against the fascist forces that have occupied your homeland. You will use stealth, tactics and realistic ballistics to take out your enemies from a distance.

    The game features an exclusive campaign with 18 replayable missions, each with different objectives and challenges. You can choose from a variety of authentic WW2 weapons, such as rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns, grenades and explosives. You can also customize your loadout and adjust the difficulty level to suit your playstyle.

    Sniper Elite VR is built exclusively for VR, with immersive graphics, sound and physics. You can use full locomotion or single stick teleport to move around the environments. You can also interact with your weapons using your hands, such as reloading, aiming and firing. The game supports PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 1 and 2.

    One of the most satisfying features of Sniper Elite VR is the visceral X-ray kill-cam, which shows the devastating effect of your shots on your targets. You can see bones shatter, organs rupture and blood splatter as you pull the trigger. The kill-cam is optional and can be turned on or off according to your preference.

    Sniper Elite VR is a game for fans of sniping, stealth and history. It offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience that puts you in the shoes of a WW2 sniper. If you are looking for a VR shooter that combines action, immersion and authenticity, Sniper Elite VR is a game you should check out.

    Sniper Elite VR is developed by Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd. and Rebellion, the creators of the award-winning Sniper Elite series. The game is based on the Sniper Elite 4 engine, which has been adapted and optimized for VR. The developers have worked closely with Oculus and Sony to ensure the best possible performance and compatibility for each platform.

    The game also features a rich story that explores the history and culture of Italy during WW2. You will learn about the Resistance movement, the Allied invasion and the German occupation through the memories of your character. You will also visit various locations across Southern Italy, such as coastal towns, mountain villages and ancient ruins.

    Sniper Elite VR is a game that rewards patience, strategy and skill. You will need to plan your approach, scout your surroundings and choose your targets carefully. You will also need to account for factors such as wind, gravity and bullet drop when aiming your shots. You can use binoculars, sound masking and traps to gain an edge over your enemies.

    Sniper Elite VR is the latest installment in the Sniper Elite series, which started in 2005 with Sniper Elite. The series is known for its realistic sniping mechanics, historical settings and brutal kill-cams. The series has sold over 20 million copies worldwide and has received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike.

    The campaign mode of Sniper Elite VR can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours to complete, depending on your difficulty level and playstyle. You can also replay the missions to find collectibles, unlock upgrades and achieve higher scores. The game also supports leaderboards and achievements/trophies for each platform.

    Some of the achievements and trophies in Sniper Elite VR include:

    • Sniper Elite – Complete the campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty.
    • Resistance Hero – Complete all secondary objectives in the campaign.
    • Long Shot – Kill an enemy from over 100 meters away.
    • Trick Shot – Kill an enemy with a ricochet shot.
    • Testicle Shot – Kill an enemy with a shot to the testicles.
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