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    SPCL-2245-H-EC-GUPT: A thrilling comic book by Raj Comics

    SPCL-2245-H-EC-GUPT is a comic book published by Raj Comics, featuring the popular Indian superhero Super Commando Dhruv. The comic was released in 2017 and is part of the Rajnagar Rakshak series, which follows the adventures of Dhruv and his allies in protecting the city of Rajnagar from various threats.

    The comic’s title, GUPT, means “secret” in Hindi, and refers to the mysterious villain who is behind a series of kidnappings and murders in Rajnagar. Dhruv has to face his own past and uncover the identity of GUPT before it is too late. The comic also features other characters from the Raj Comics universe, such as Shweta, Chandika, Nagraj and Doga.

    The comic is written by Nitin Mishra and illustrated by Hemant Kumar. It has 64 pages and is available in both Hindi and English languages. The comic can be downloaded as a PDF file from Google Drive or purchased as a printed copy from the Raj Comics website.

    The comic begins with a flashback to Dhruv’s childhood, when he was living in a circus with his parents. He witnesses a masked man killing his parents and setting the circus on fire. Dhruv escapes and vows to find the killer and avenge his parents. He is then adopted by the police chief Rajan Mehra, who trains him to become a crime fighter.

    In the present day, Dhruv is investigating a series of kidnappings and murders in Rajnagar. He discovers that the victims are all connected to his past in some way. He also finds clues that point to the involvement of GUPT, a mysterious mastermind who seems to know everything about Dhruv. Dhruv realizes that GUPT is the same man who killed his parents and is now targeting him and his friends.

    Dhruv teams up with Shweta, his girlfriend and fellow superhero Chandika, to stop GUPT’s plans. They also get help from Nagraj, the king of snakes and India’s most powerful superhero, and Doga, a vigilante who fights crime with his dogs. Together, they face GUPT’s army of mercenaries, robots and mutants. They also uncover GUPT’s true identity and motive, which shocks Dhruv to the core.

    The comic reaches its climax when Dhruv and his allies confront GUPT in his secret base. GUPT reveals that he is Dhruv’s long-lost twin brother, who was separated from him at birth and raised by a criminal organization. He blames Dhruv for the death of their parents and wants to destroy Rajnagar, the city that Dhruv loves and protects. He also reveals that he has planted bombs all over the city and has kidnapped Rajan Mehra, Dhruv’s adoptive father.

    Dhruv is shocked and angry by GUPT’s revelation and tries to reason with him. He tells him that they are brothers and that he never knew about him. He also tells him that their parents were killed by a third party, who manipulated GUPT into believing that Dhruv was responsible. He urges GUPT to stop his madness and join him in fighting for justice.

    GUPT refuses to listen to Dhruv and attacks him with a laser gun. Dhruv dodges the blast and tackles GUPT to the ground. They engage in a fierce hand-to-hand combat, while their friends try to defuse the bombs and rescue Rajan Mehra. The fight ends when Dhruv manages to knock out GUPT and take his gun. He points the gun at GUPT’s head and asks him to surrender.

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