Special A Episode 1: A Rivalry of Love and Pride

Special A Episode 1: A Rivalry of Love and Pride

Special A is a romantic comedy anime series based on the manga of the same name by Maki Minami. It follows the lives of seven elite students who belong to the Special A class at Hakusenkan Academy, a prestigious private school. The main focus is on the relationship between Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima, who have been rivals since childhood and are always competing for the top spot in everything.

In episode 1, we are introduced to the main characters and their personalities. Hikari is a cheerful and determined girl who loves pro-wrestling and hates losing. Kei is a cool and calm genius who excels in everything he does and secretly loves Hikari. The other members of the Special A class are Akira Toudou, a bubbly and wealthy girl who is Hikari’s best friend; Tadashi Karino, a laid-back and kind-hearted boy who is Akira’s childhood friend; Jun Yamamoto, a gentle and shy boy who has a twin sister named Megumi; Megumi Yamamoto, a quiet and talented singer who communicates through writing; and Ryuu Tsuji, a mature and caring boy who loves animals and is Jun and Megumi’s guardian.

The episode shows how Hikari and Kei met when they were six years old and how their rivalry began. Hikari challenged Kei to a pro-wrestling match after seeing him defeat her idol on TV, but she lost miserably. Since then, she has been trying to surpass him in everything, but he always beats her by a slight margin. Kei, on the other hand, has been in love with Hikari for a long time, but she is oblivious to his feelings. He calls her “second place” as a way of teasing her and getting her attention.

The episode also shows how the Special A class enjoys various privileges at school, such as having their own greenhouse, cafeteria, and uniform. They also have to deal with the jealousy and hostility of some of the regular students, especially the Student Council President Yahiro Saiga, who dislikes them for being too arrogant and exclusive. However, the Special A class sticks together and supports each other as friends.

Special A Episode 1 is a fun and entertaining introduction to the series that sets up the main plot and characters. It also showcases the humor, romance, and drama that will unfold throughout the story. If you are looking for an anime that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, then you should definitely check out Special A!

Special A Episode 2: A Rivalry of Cooking and Friendship

In episode 2, we see more of the daily lives and interactions of the Special A class. The episode starts with Hikari and Kei having a cooking contest in their home economics class, where they have to make a dish using eggs. Hikari is confident that she can beat Kei this time, since she has been practicing her cooking skills at home. However, she soon realizes that Kei is a master chef who can make any dish look and taste amazing. Hikari ends up making a burnt omelet that no one wants to eat, while Kei makes a beautiful soufflé that everyone praises. Hikari feels humiliated and frustrated by her loss, but Kei offers her a bite of his soufflé and tells her that he likes her cooking anyway.

The episode also shows how the Special A class goes on a field trip to a mountain resort, where they have fun playing in the snow and relaxing in the hot springs. However, their trip is interrupted by Yahiro Saiga, who invites them to a party at his mansion. Yahiro is the childhood friend of Kei and Akira, but he has a bad reputation for being manipulative and cruel. He tries to sabotage the friendship between Hikari and Akira by spreading rumors that Hikari is using Akira for her money and influence. He also tries to make Kei jealous by flirting with Hikari and asking her to dance with him. However, his plan backfires when Hikari defends Akira and slaps him for insulting her friend. Kei also steps in and punches Yahiro for hurting Hikari. The episode ends with Hikari and Akira reaffirming their friendship and Kei confessing his love to Hikari once again.

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