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    Sulemani Keeda: A Pain in the Ass Comedy

    Sulemani Keeda: A Pain in the Ass Comedy

    Sulemani Keeda: A Pain in the Ass Comedy

    Sulemani Keeda is a 2014 Hindi comedy film directed by Amit V Masurkar and starring Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tewari, Aditi Vasudev and Karan Mirchandani. The film follows the misadventures of two struggling writers who are trying to sell their script to Bollywood producers.

    The film’s title is a slang term for “pain in the ass” in Hindi, which reflects the protagonists’ situation and attitude. The film is a satire on the Indian film industry and its clichés, as well as a tribute to independent cinema and its challenges.

    Sulemani Keeda was screened at various film festivals, including Mumbai Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival and London Indian Film Festival. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences for its witty dialogues, quirky characters and realistic portrayal of the Mumbai underbelly.

    If you are looking for a refreshing and hilarious comedy that does not shy away from poking fun at Bollywood stereotypes, you can download Sulemani Keeda in Hindi 720p torrent from various online sources. However, we recommend you to watch the film legally on streaming platforms or buy the DVD to support the filmmakers and their creative work.

    The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers who praised its humour, realism and performances. Anupama Chopra of Film Companion called it “a charming little film that makes you laugh and also leaves you with a lump in your throat”. She also explained the meaning of the title as “a pain in the ass that you can’t get rid of”.

    Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express gave it three stars out of five and wrote that “the film gives us a couple of struggling script-writers that make us smile”. However, she also felt that “the film takes the ‘slacker’ part of its title (slacker comedy) a bit too seriously” and that “their journey is not very new, and their script is, yes, slack”.

    Sulemani Keeda is not a typical Bollywood comedy that relies on slapstick, vulgarity or star power. It is a low-budget indie film that relies on its witty script, relatable characters and authentic locations. It is a film that celebrates the spirit of creativity and friendship in the face of adversity and rejection. It is a film that deserves to be watched and appreciated by anyone who loves cinema and comedy.

    The film also boasts of some memorable dialogues and scenes that capture the essence of the film industry and its struggles. Some of the best lines are delivered by the supporting characters, such as Nene, the veteran writer who gives advice to the young duo, Sweety Kapoor, the sleazy producer who wants them to write a masala film, and Gonzo Kapoor, the eccentric filmmaker who wants to make a masterpiece. The film also features cameo appearances by Mahesh Bhatt, Amrita Rao and Anil Sharma as themselves.

    The film’s soundtrack is composed by Arfaaz and Anurag, who have created a diverse and catchy score that blends different genres and instruments. The songs range from the quirky “Desi Opera” and “The Colaba Song” to the soulful “Duurr” and “Satellite”. The background score also enhances the mood and tone of the film with tracks like “Sarangi Blues”, “Sewri Capella” and “Cocaine Surfin'”.

    Sulemani Keeda is a film that deserves more recognition and appreciation for its originality, honesty and humour. It is a film that shows that there is more to Indian cinema than formulaic blockbusters and star vehicles. It is a film that celebrates the spirit of independent filmmaking and storytelling.

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