SWAT Mobility: The Smart Mobility Company in Asia

    SWAT Mobility: The Smart Mobility Company in Asia

    SWAT Mobility is a company that provides demand-responsive, ride-sharing technology in high capacity vehicles. It works with corporates, transport operators and government agencies to improve transport services in Asia. SWAT Mobility uses its patented AI-driven algorithm to optimise the movement of people and goods, creating greener, happier and more affordable journeys for all.

    In this article, we will explore some of the products and solutions that SWAT Mobility offers, as well as some of the customer stories and achievements that showcase its impact on the transport industry.

    Products and Solutions

    SWAT Mobility has four main products that cater to different transport needs:

    • On Demand: This product supports real-time ad-hoc bookings for passengers who need flexible and convenient transport options. It can be used for first/last-mile connectivity, point-to-point transfers, or on-demand shuttles.
    • Just In Time: This product enables large-scale demand-responsive transport for events, peak hours, or mass transit. It can handle thousands of passengers with dynamic routing and scheduling, reducing waiting time and vehicle utilisation.
    • Commute Pass: This product is designed for employees on shift work or at remote worksites who need reliable and comfortable transport to and from work. It allows them to book their rides in advance and enjoy fixed routes with guaranteed seats.
    • Digital Fixed Routes: This product digitises existing fixed route services with real-time tracking, passenger feedback, and data analytics. It can help improve service quality, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

    SWAT Mobility also offers solutions for different sectors and scenarios, such as:

    • Employee Transport: SWAT Mobility helps corporates provide tailor-made transport solutions for their employees’ commutes and business travel needs. It can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance employee well-being.
    • Public Transport: SWAT Mobility partners with transport operators and government agencies to deploy and achieve city-wide adoption of demand-driven mobility services. It can help improve accessibility, mobility, and sustainability for urban residents.
    • Logistics & Fulfilment Services: SWAT Mobility uses its next-generation logistics technology to fulfil complex delivery challenges more efficiently. It can help optimise routes, reduce fuel consumption, and increase customer satisfaction.
    • School Transport: SWAT Mobility provides parents with peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their child’s journey to and from school. It can help ensure safety, convenience, and affordability for school bus services. (Coming soon)

    Customer Stories and Achievements

    Products and Solutions

    SWAT Mobility has been solving some of the toughest social and environmental issues around the world with its technology. Here are some examples of its customer stories and achievements:

    • Sagawa Express: SWAT Mobility optimised Sagawa’s freight deliveries with an award-winning logistics system that reduced delivery time by 20% and fuel consumption by 8%. It also improved customer satisfaction by providing real-time tracking and notifications.
    • Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (SAVI): SWAT Mobility launched Singapore’s first paid Autonomous Vehicle service in partnership with SAVI. It provided on-demand shuttle services for residents in a testbed area using self-driving vehicles powered by SWAT’s technology.
    • Town of Mitoyo: SWAT Mobility served Japan’s aging population with its On Demand technology. It provided a mobility service for elderly residents in a rural town who had limited access to public transport. It also helped reduce social isolation and increase community engagement.
    • National University of Singapore (NUS): SWAT Mobility partnered with NUS to uncover employee sentiment on return to work in a world marked by Covid-19. It conducted a survey and analysis using its data platform to provide insights on employee preferences and concerns regarding transport options.
    • BGC Group: SWAT Mobility tackled long commute times with more efficient transport planning in Manila. It provided a demand-responsive transport service for BGC Group’s employees who faced traffic congestion and unreliable public transport. It also helped save costs and reduce carbon emissions.

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