Tinytan Dream On: A Heartwarming Animation Inspired by BTS

    Tinytan Dream On: A Heartwarming Animation Inspired by BTS

    If you are a fan of BTS, you might have heard of TinyTAN, the adorable animated characters based on the seven members of the global superstars. TinyTAN made their debut in 2020 with a series of short videos and merchandise that showcase their cute and charming personalities.

    One of their most popular animations is Dream ON, which was released in January 2021. Dream ON is a three-minute video that tells the story of a lonely girl who finds hope and happiness through TinyTAN’s magic and music. The animation features a remix of BTS’s songs Zero O’Clock and Dream Glow, as well as references to other BTS songs and concepts.

    In this article, we will explore some of the hidden meanings and messages behind Dream ON, and why it is such a touching and inspiring animation for BTS fans and beyond.

    What is Dream ON about?

    Dream ON begins with a girl wearing a whale shirt, sitting alone in her room at night. She seems sad and lonely, as she looks at her piano keyboard and music books. She falls asleep, holding a plushie of TinyTAN’s leader RM.

    Suddenly, she wakes up to find TinyTAN flying into her room through a magical door. They greet her with a smile and take her on a whimsical journey through the night sky. They fly over a cityscape, where they see a billboard that says “hope right here”, a phrase often used by BTS’s J-Hope.

    They also encounter a whale that responds to their call, a reference to BTS’s song Whalien 52, which is about the loneliest whale in the world that sings at a frequency that no other whale can hear. The whale symbolizes the girl’s isolation and longing for connection.

    TinyTAN then brings the girl to a concert hall, where they dress her up in a purple dress and encourage her to play the piano on stage. Purple is a special color for BTS and their fans, as it means “I love you” or “I trust you”. The girl performs while surrounded by stars that resemble ARMY bombs, the official light sticks of BTS fans.

    The animation ends with the girl waking up in her room again, smiling and holding RM’s plushie. She looks at her piano keyboard with renewed confidence and joy. She realizes that TinyTAN has given her the courage to pursue her dream and to believe in herself.

    What are some of the messages behind Dream ON?

    What is Dream ON about?

    Dream ON is more than just a cute and fun animation. It also conveys some of the messages that BTS has been sharing with their fans through their music and activities. Here are some of them:

    • You never walk alone. One of the main themes of Dream ON is that no matter how lonely or hopeless you feel, you are not alone. There are people who care about you and support you, whether they are your friends, family, or idols. TinyTAN represents BTS’s love and presence for their fans, as they show up when the girl needs them the most.
    • Keep your dream on. Another theme of Dream ON is that you should never give up on your dream, no matter how hard it seems. TinyTAN helps the girl to overcome her fear and doubt, and to express herself through music. They also inspire her to shine, dream, smile, like the lyrics of BTS’s song Mikrokosmos say.
    • Magic happens when you believe. A third theme of Dream ON is that magic happens when you believe in yourself and in others. TinyTAN uses their magic to transform the girl’s reality into a fantasy, where anything is possible. They also create a magic shop for her, a reference to BTS’s song Magic Shop, which is about finding comfort and strength in your heart.

    Why is Dream ON so popular?

    What are some of the messages behind Dream ON?

    Dream ON has received over 94 million views on YouTube since its release. It has also been praised by critics and fans alike for its high-quality animation, catchy music, and emotional storytelling. Here are some of the reasons why Dream

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