U Is My Alles: A Song of Love and Faith

    U Is My Alles: A Song of Love and Faith

    U Is My Alles is a popular Afrikaans song that expresses the singer’s devotion and gratitude to God. The title means “You Are My Everything” in English, and the lyrics describe how God is the singer’s first love, Alpha and Omega, whole existence, and lifeblood. The song was written and performed by Juanita du Plessis, a South African singer-songwriter who is known for her gospel and country music. U Is My Alles is the 15th track on her 2017 album Koningskind (Gospel, Vol. 4), which won the South African Music Award for Best Contemporary Faith Music Album in 2018.

    The song has also been covered by other artists, such as Angelo Johnson, who sang it on the kykNET show Koortjies met Jonathan Rubain, a program that showcases local gospel talent. U Is My Alles is a song that resonates with many Afrikaans-speaking Christians who find comfort and joy in God’s presence and love. The song is a testament to the singer’s faith and a celebration of God’s grace and mercy.

    The meaning of U Is My Alles is not only a declaration of love to God, but also a reflection of the singer’s identity and culture. The song is sung in Afrikaans, a language that originated from Dutch and is spoken by about 7 million people in South Africa and Namibia. Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa and has a rich history and literature. The song uses some words that are unique to Afrikaans, such as koortjies, which means “little choruses” and refers to the gospel songs that are popular in the Cape Town area. The song also uses the word alles, which means “everything” or “all” in both Afrikaans and German. The word has a strong connotation of totality and completeness, as seen in the phrase Deutschland über alles, which means “Germany above all” . By saying U Is My Alles, the singer is expressing that God is the source and goal of her life, and that nothing else matters more than Him.

    The song U Is My Alles has received positive reviews from listeners and critics alike. Many people have commented on the YouTube videos of the song, expressing their appreciation and admiration for the singer and the message. Some of the comments are:

    • “This song touches my heart every time I listen to it. Thank you Juanita for this beautiful song. God bless you.”
    • “Wow! What a powerful song. I love the lyrics and the melody. It makes me feel closer to God.”
    • “This is my favorite song from the album. It speaks to my soul. Juanita is such a talented and anointed singer.”
    • “Angelo Johnson has a wonderful voice. He sings with so much passion and emotion. I love his version of U Is My Alles.”
    • “This song is a masterpiece. It is so uplifting and inspiring. It reminds me of how much God loves me and how much I love Him.”

    The song has also been praised by some music critics, who have noted its quality and impact. For example, one reviewer wrote:

    “U Is My Alles is a song that showcases Juanita du Plessis’ vocal skills and her faith. The song is a heartfelt declaration of love to God, who is the singer’s everything. The song has a catchy tune and a simple but profound chorus that sticks in the listener’s mind. The song is a perfect example of how gospel music can be both entertaining and edifying.”

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