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    If you are a fan of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and want to enhance your flight experience with a realistic flight management computer (FMC), you might be interested in using the Universal FMC (UFMC) plugin by Javier Cortes. UFMC is a versatile and customizable FMC that works with many X-Plane aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner by VMAX. In this article, we will show you how to install and configure UFMC for the 787, and how to use it for a basic flight plan.

    Installation and configuration

    To use UFMC with the 787, you will need the following:

    • X-Plane 10 or 11
    • Boeing 787 Dreamliner by VMAX (version 1.4 or higher)
    • UFMC plugin by Javier Cortes (version 2.8 or higher)
    • UFMC config file for the 787 (included in the UFMC package or downloaded from here)
    • NAV data for UFMC (updated regularly from Navigraph or Aerosoft)

    After you have purchased and downloaded UFMC, you need to install it in your X-Plane plugins folder. You can do this by copying the FJCC_FMC folder from the UFMC package to your X-Plane/Resources/plugins folder. You also need to copy the license file (FJCC_FMC.key) to the same folder.

    Next, you need to install the UFMC config file for the 787. This file tells UFMC how to interact with the 787 systems and autopilot. You can find this file in the UFMC package under Aircrafts/Boeing_787_Dreamliner/UFMC.cfg. You need to copy this file to your X-Plane/Aircraft/Boeing_787_Dreamliner folder, replacing the existing UFMC.cfg file if there is one.

    Finally, you need to update the NAV data for UFMC. This data contains information about airports, runways, waypoints, navaids, airways, and procedures that UFMC uses to create and execute flight plans. You can update this data using Navigraph FMS Data Manager or Aerosoft NavDataPro. You need to set the path for UFMC data to your X-Plane/plugins/FJCC_FMC/navdata folder. You can also manually copy the data files from Navigraph or Aerosoft to this folder.

    Using UFMC with the 787

    Once you have installed and configured UFMC, you can start using it with the 787. To access UFMC, you need to open the FMS popup window by clicking on the FMS icon on the lower left corner of your screen. You can also use a keyboard shortcut (Shift+F) or assign a joystick button to toggle UFMC on and off.

    The UFMC interface consists of a display screen and a keypad. You can use your mouse to click on the buttons and enter data. You can also use your keyboard to type in data, but you need to press Enter after each entry. The display screen shows various pages that contain information and options for your flight plan. You can switch between pages by clicking on the LSK (line select keys) buttons on the left and right sides of the screen.

    The first page you will see is the IDENT page, which shows information about UFMC version, NAV data cycle, aircraft model, and engine type. You can also enter your aircraft registration number here.

    The next page is the POS INIT page, which shows information about your current position and alignment status. You can enter your initial position here by typing in an airport code or coordinates, or by using GPS position.

    The next page is the RTE page, which is where you enter your flight plan route. You can enter your origin and destination airports here, as well as any waypoints, airways, or direct legs that make up your route. You can also load a saved route from a file or from X-Plane’s flight plan menu.

    The next page is the DEP ARR page, which is where you select

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