How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages with WAMR

    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages with WAMR

    Have you ever accidentally deleted a WhatsApp message and wished you could get it back? If so, you’re not alone. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. But sometimes, we make mistakes and delete important messages that we need to read or reply to.

    Fortunately, there is a solution: WAMR. WAMR is an app that lets you recover deleted WhatsApp messages by creating a backup of your notifications. It works by detecting when a message is deleted and saving a copy of it on your device. You can then view the deleted messages in the WAMR app, along with any media files that were attached to them.

    In this article, we will show you how to use WAMR to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android phone. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Download and install WAMR from the Google Play Store.
    2. Open WAMR and grant it the necessary permissions to access your notifications, storage, and media.
    3. Select WhatsApp from the list of supported apps and enable the backup service.
    4. That’s it! Now, whenever someone deletes a WhatsApp message that you received, WAMR will save a copy of it on your device.
    5. To view the deleted messages, open WAMR and tap on the WhatsApp icon. You will see a list of conversations with deleted messages. Tap on any conversation to see the deleted messages and media files.

    WAMR is a handy tool that can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages and avoid missing out on important information. However, there are some limitations that you should be aware of:

    • WAMR can only recover messages that you received and that were deleted by the sender. It cannot recover messages that you sent and deleted yourself.
    • WAMR can only recover messages that were displayed in your notifications. If you muted a conversation or disabled notifications for WhatsApp, WAMR will not be able to save the deleted messages.
    • WAMR can only recover media files that were downloaded before they were deleted. If you did not download a media file before it was deleted, WAMR will not be able to recover it.

    Despite these limitations, WAMR is still a useful app that can help you restore deleted WhatsApp messages in most cases. If you want to try it out, download it from the Google Play Store today and never miss a message again!

    WAMR is not the only app that can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages. There are other alternatives that you can try, such as WhatsRemoved+, Notification History Log, and Dumpster. These apps work in a similar way as WAMR, by creating a backup of your notifications and saving the deleted messages on your device. However, they may have different features and compatibility with different versions of WhatsApp and Android.

    To compare these apps and find the best one for you, you can check out this article: How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. It provides a detailed overview of each app, along with their pros and cons, and how to use them. You can also find some tips and tricks on how to prevent losing your WhatsApp messages in the first place, such as backing up your chats to Google Drive or iCloud.

    WhatsApp is a great app that allows you to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues. But sometimes, things can go wrong and you may lose important messages that you need to keep. Whether it’s because of a mistake, a glitch, or a malicious act, losing your WhatsApp messages can be frustrating and stressful. That’s why it’s good to know that there are apps like WAMR that can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages and restore your peace of mind.

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