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    Watch Dogs Legion (2020): A Guide for Gamers

    Watch Dogs Legion (2020) is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. It is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series, following Watch Dogs (2014) and Watch Dogs 2 (2016). The game is set in a near-future London that has been taken over by a corrupt private military company called Albion, a ruthless crime syndicate called Clan Kelley, and a mysterious hacker group called Zero Day. As a member of DedSec, a hacker collective that fights for freedom and justice, you can recruit and play as anyone in the city to build a resistance movement and take back London.

    Watch Dogs Legion (2020) differs from the previous games in the series in several ways. The most notable one is the “play as anyone” system, which allows you to scan any NPC in the city and recruit them to your team. Each NPC has their own unique appearance, personality, backstory, skills, abilities, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, jobs, relationships, schedules, hobbies, opinions, affiliations, etc. You can switch between your recruits at any time or even permadeath them if you play on hard mode. The game also features more hacking options, more combat styles, more stealth opportunities, more driving mechanics, more customization options, more online modes, more side activities, more story missions, more characters, more locations, more secrets, more Easter eggs… you get the idea.

    Watch Dogs Legion (2020) explores some relevant themes and messages in its dystopian vision of London. The game tackles issues such as fascism, surveillance, privacy, corruption, terrorism, immigration, human trafficking, organ harvesting, cybercrime, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, social media, pop culture, and more. The game also has a strong anti-fascist message that emphasizes the importance of unity, diversity, resistance, and justice. The game encourages you to question authority, challenge oppression, and fight for your rights.

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