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    where to buy wild turkey

    Where to Buy Wild Turkey: A Guide for Game Lovers

    Where to Buy Wild Turkey: A Guide for Game Lovers

    Wild turkey is a lean, dark, and flavorful meat that can be a great alternative to the conventional farm-raised turkey. Wild turkeys are descendants of the same breed that has long roamed the American woodlands, and they have a more natural diet of grasses, insects, seeds, and grains. Wild turkeys are also smaller than domesticated turkeys, making them ideal for smaller gatherings or individual portions.

    But where can you buy wild turkey meat? If you are not a hunter or don’t know one, you might think that wild turkey is hard to find. However, thanks to online sources, you can now order wild turkey meat from reputable farms and ranches that raise and process their birds in humane and sustainable ways. Here are some of the best places to buy wild turkey meat online:

    • Wild Fork: This online retailer offers 16 different types of wild game meat, including wild turkey. You can choose from whole birds, breasts, legs, or ground meat. Wild Fork blast freezes their meat at the peak of freshness and delivers it in dry ice to ensure quality and safety. They also offer free shipping on orders over $35 and a 90-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
    • Broken Arrow Ranch: This Texas-based ranch specializes in venison and other wild game meats, such as wild turkey. They harvest their animals in the field using a mobile processing unit, which minimizes stress and ensures high-quality meat. You can order whole wild turkeys or boneless breasts from their website. They also offer recipes and cooking tips for preparing wild game.
    • Cavendish Game Birds: This Vermont-based farm raises and processes game birds such as quail, pheasant, partridge, and wild turkey. They use organic feed and humane practices to produce tender and tasty meat. You can order whole wild turkeys or bone-in breasts from their website. They also offer gift boxes and sampler packs for trying different types of game birds.

    Wild turkey meat is a delicious and healthy option for game lovers who want to try something different from the usual poultry. With these online sources, you can easily order wild turkey meat and enjoy it at home.

    How to Cook Wild Turkey Meat

    Wild turkey meat is leaner and gamier than domesticated turkey meat, so it requires some special care when cooking. Here are some tips for preparing wild turkey meat:

    • Thaw the meat slowly in the refrigerator or in cold water. Do not thaw it at room temperature or in the microwave, as this can cause bacteria growth and spoilage.
    • Marinate the meat in a flavorful liquid such as wine, beer, cider, broth, or juice for at least a few hours or overnight. This will help tenderize the meat and add moisture and flavor.
    • Cook the meat over low to medium heat until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. Do not overcook the meat, as it can become dry and tough. You can use a meat thermometer to check the doneness.
    • Rest the meat for 10 minutes before carving or serving. This will allow the juices to redistribute and keep the meat moist.

    Some of the best ways to cook wild turkey meat are roasting, grilling, smoking, braising, or frying. You can also use wild turkey meat in soups, stews, casseroles, pies, or sandwiches.

    Health Benefits of Wild Turkey Meat

    Wild turkey meat is not only tasty but also nutritious. It is high in protein, low in fat and calories, and rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin B12. Wild turkey meat also contains less cholesterol and sodium than domesticated turkey meat. Some of the health benefits of wild turkey meat are:

    • It supports muscle growth and repair.
    • It boosts the immune system and helps fight infections.
    • It promotes red blood cell production and prevents anemia.
    • It enhances brain function and mood.
    • It protects against oxidative stress and inflammation.

    Wild turkey meat is a great choice for anyone who wants to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It can help you meet your daily protein needs and provide you with essential minerals and vitamins.

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