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    who buys plastic pallets

    Who Buys Plastic Pallets?

    Who Buys Plastic Pallets?

    Plastic pallets are durable, lightweight and eco-friendly alternatives to wooden pallets. They are used for various purposes such as storage, transportation and display of goods. But what happens to plastic pallets when they are no longer needed or damaged? Who buys plastic pallets and how can they be recycled?

    There are many companies that buy and sell plastic pallets across the world. Some of them are:

    • Vanden Recycling: This company buys and sells more than 100 grades of plastics, including plastic pallets. They have been in the business of buying and selling plastic since 2005 and have extensive knowledge and experience in international end markets. They have a UK plastic recycling facility where they reprocess and granulate the material to be sold on. They also provide advice and storage solutions for suppliers who want to maximise the value of their plastic scrap.
    • Plastic Pallet Recycling: This company offers a free pick-up service and pays a competitive rate for used plastic pallets. They purchase plastic pallets across the country and recycle them into new products. They require suppliers to fill out a contact request and provide information about the type, size, weight and material of the plastic pallets they intend to sell.
    • Nationwide Plastics: This company is a reputable and trustworthy firm that buys used and old plastic pallets. They are interested in purchasing them from anyone who has them for sale on their website. They also sell new and refurbished plastic pallets in various sizes and colours.
    • Vikoz Enterprises Inc.: This company is a full-service plastic recycling company that specializes in post-commercial and post-industrial accounts. They recycle all grades of plastic, including plastic pallets, and purchase raw plastic scrap in any shape or form, regrind and virgin resin. They offer services anywhere in North America.

    Plastic pallets can be recycled into new products such as crates, bins, pipes, decking, fencing, furniture and more. Recycling plastic pallets helps to reduce waste, save resources, lower greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs. By buying and selling plastic pallets, you can contribute to a circular economy that ensures recovered material re-enters the supply chain.

    But why should you choose plastic pallets over wooden pallets? What are the benefits of plastic pallets that make them a better option for your business? Here are some of the reasons:

    1. Plastic pallets are easier to transport: Plastic is more durable than wood, and is less likely to break down on repeated trips. Plastic pallets are also ideal for carrying heavy cargo during shipping, and being moved around via forklift in a warehouse. Plastic pallets are also lighter than wooden pallets, which means you can save on fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.
    2. Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly: Plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle. This reduces the waste of resources and the impact on the environment. Plastic pallets also do not require any treatment with chemicals or fumigation, unlike wooden pallets that need to comply with ISPM-15 regulations. This means plastic pallets are safer for the environment and the people who handle them.
    3. Plastic pallets are hygienic and easy to clean: Plastic pallets have a smooth surface that can be easily and thoroughly cleaned between uses. Since plastic pallets do not absorb moisture, they do not have the common problems of wooden pallets such as insect damage, rot, mold and odor. Therefore, plastic pallets are suitable for industries with regulatory and hygienic requirements, such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, and the beverage industry .
    4. Plastic pallets are safer and easier to handle: Due to the structure of the plastic pallets being one-piece molding process, they reduce the risk of equipment failure under heavy load. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets do not require nails, splinters or broken boards. These tools can make your employees more dangerous at work. Therefore, using plastic pallets will create a safer working environment .
    5. Plastic pallets have a longer life span: If you often transport items or use pallets in a warehouse, it makes sense to invest in durable longer life span pallets. Plastic pallets can be used for a long time without too much wear. This is very different from wooden pallets that can crack, warp or decay over time. By using plastic pallets, you can reduce the need for frequent replacement and save on operating costs .
    6. Plastic pallets are space-saving features: A major advantage of plastic pallets over wooden pallets is their nestability. Nestable pallets usually have nine-foot bottoms that can be nested into other pallets, saving valuable space in the warehouse. This can also reduce transportation costs and storage fees. Some plastic pallets are also stackable or collapsible, which can further optimize the use of space.
    7. Plastic pallets are a perfect branding tool: Plastic pallets come in various colors and designs that can enhance the appearance and visibility of your products. You can also customize plastic pallets with your logo, barcode or RFID tag to promote your brand identity and facilitate tracking and inventory management. Plastic pallets can also create a positive impression on your customers and partners who value quality and sustainability.

    As you can see from these reasons, plastic pallets have many advantages over wooden pallets that can help you save cost and time in your supply chain. Plastic pallets are more than just a means of transportation; they are a strategic asset that can improve your business performance and reputation.

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