Why You Should Try midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 for Bridge Design and Analysis

midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 is a state-of-the-art bridge design and analysis software that combines the ease of modeling with exclusive analysis features, making the modeling and designing efficient for engineers. The software provides handy features for simpler bridges and flexibility to deal with complex geometry. It includes various design codes that become very useful for engineers looking for optimized designs. midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 will lighten your work and make bridge design more accessible. So, let’s explore what this software can do for you.

User-Friendly GUI

The graphical user interface (GUI) of midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 is designed to give you full liberty and ease while performing bridge modeling. The user-oriented input/output functions offer excellent facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of various bridge structures ranging from simple to complex ones. You can create nodes and elements like CAD programs, as a conventional modeling approach. You can also use bridge-oriented features like Bridge Wizards that can create a complete bridge model for you in a blink of an eye, and you can make any modification to the model as you wish.

Intuitive Modeling

midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 provides you with unlimited and efficient modeling methods for any project. You can choose from manual modeling, wizard, data exchange, or any other method that suits your needs. You can also import or export data from other software such as AutoCAD, Revit, SAP2000, STAAD.Pro, etc. You can also use parametric modeling features that allow you to create or modify complex geometry with simple parameters. You can also apply various loads and boundary conditions easily with graphical tools.

Advanced Analysis

midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 offers you various analysis options that can handle any type of bridge structure. You can perform linear or nonlinear static analysis, modal analysis, response spectrum analysis, time history analysis, pushover analysis, buckling analysis, etc. You can also perform moving load analysis as per different moving load codes such as AASHTO LRFD, Eurocode, Russian code, etc. You can also perform dynamic analysis with dynamic factors calculated as per the code specifications. You can also perform construction stage analysis that considers the effects of construction sequence and time-dependent material properties.

Optimized Design

midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 enables you to design your bridge structure according to various design codes such as AASHTO LRFD, Eurocode, ACI, AISC, etc. You can also perform design optimization that minimizes the weight or cost of the structure while satisfying the design criteria. You can also perform fatigue design that checks the fatigue life of steel bridges under cyclic loading. You can also perform seismic design that evaluates the seismic performance of bridges based on capacity-demand ratio or performance-based design.

Comprehensive Results

Optimized Design

midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 provides you with comprehensive results that help you to verify and validate your design and analysis. You can view the results in various formats such as tables, graphs, diagrams, animations, etc. You can also customize the results display according to your preferences. You can also generate detailed reports that include all the input data, analysis results, design results, etc. You can also export the results to other formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc.


midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 is a powerful and user-friendly bridge design and analysis software that can help you to achieve your engineering goals with ease and efficiency. It offers you various features and functions that make your modeling and designing process simpler and faster. It also supports various design codes and standards that ensure the safety and reliability of your bridge structure. If you are looking for a software that can handle any type of bridge project with accuracy and quality, you should try midas Civil 2012 v 1 1 today.

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